Therapeutic Harp Music

What is Therapeutic Harp Music?

 Therapeutic Harp Music is based on the science of sound. It is live, acoustic music played at the bedside of patients. The music helps provide an environment conducive to the healing process.

 Therapeutic Harp Music creates an atmosphere of peace and calm.

The practitioner is able to play to the person’s needs and requirements.

The music synchronises the brain and the listener is able to recall moments of pleasure and comfort.

Therapeutic Harp Musicians use the music to speak for itself and have an effect on the listener. The music is offered as a non-invasive adjunct to medical care.

Therapeutic Music is not entertainment nor is it the same as Music Therapy.

The Harp has been considered a healing instrument since ancient times.

In the present day, the harp is increasingly being used within hospitals, aged cared and dementia facilities.

The music of the Harp creates a calming environment for patients, families, visitors and staff.

The vibrations of the strings emanate from the harp, are absorbed by the body, and can be beneficial in many situations.

The soothing sounds are of comfort to the dying, as hearing is the last faculty to go.

Benefits of Live Harp Music.

 Medical research has shown that the sound of the harp can have the following effects:

  • Blood pressure may be lowered
  • Heart rate may reduce
  • Anxiety levels may reduce
  • Patients report pain reduction
  • Changes are noted in muscle tension
  • Oxygenation is increased
  • Music has a strong emotional power
  • Reduces stress levels for staff/carers
  • Playing familiar tunes can simulate the memory for dementia patients.
  • The music has aided people to sing, even when they have lost the ability to speak.
  • Allows for the release of emotions and grieving.
  • Harp music brings about a sense of calm, inner peace and emotional balance.

About Anna Linky

Anna Linky has been a wedding musician for over 40 years.  These days her focus is mainly playing harp and singing for therapeutic situations.

Anna Linky plays the harp on request as part of  hospital and home visitation. She does small concerts at care facilities for the residents and plays for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and life celebrations of all kinds.

She is a Pastoral Carer and Life Coach, currently studying to be a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner with IHTP and Christian Counselling with AIFC.




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“Music expresses the things that cannot  be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  Victor Hugo.

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